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Get used kegs at an affordable price. Our inventory of used kegs is limited. Don’t wait to get your used kegs, or you might miss the opportunity!

Kegs Available

The kegs we offer are used and have been obtained from a variety of sources. The refurbished kegs are deep cleaned, polished, and pressure tested. Below are the most common sizes we have in stock. Subject to inventory, rental and purchase options available.

1/2 BBL

1/4 BBL

1/6 BBL

Kegs For Lease

Renting used kegs is an effective way to grow your keg fleet without a significant upfront investment. The money saved can often have a bigger impact on your brewery when used for other purposes.

Each keg is refurbished and pressure tested before shipment.


$ 1
  • month / per keg


$ 2
  • month / per keg
Used Kegs for Purchase

Kegs For Purchase

Available while supplies last

Need your kegs custom branded? We've got you covered.

All of our used kegs ship blank unless you specify otherwise. We can silk-screen your kegs with your brewery logo for an additional fee. Contact us for details and pricing.

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Why We Exist

Keg Logistics is the largest provider of keg programs to craft breweries in the U.S. and offers a full suite of programs ranging from Keg Rental and Rent To Own programs to a global Pay Per Fill network.  And while our offerings include both new and refurbished kegs, we sometimes obtain kegs that do not meet the quality standards of our premium keg programs.   We understand that different breweries have different preferences and we wanted to make these kegs available to the breweries that want them.  We created the Used Keg Depot to offer this excess keg inventory at discounted rates and straightforward rental programs.  This is our clearinghouse for the used kegs we acquire that do not meet our highest standards for a variety of reasons including origin, manufacturer, chime design, or age.  We look forward to working with you to see if we have a used keg offering that fits your keg needs.

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